Each month we begin our event with a local art gallery curated with local artists and a few new specialty craft beers from one of your favorite local breweries, us of course! Our June display will feature the works of local photographers, David J Slivka, Daniel Woody Photography and Kory Easterday. We will move the night along with this months musical guest, The Hammer and The Hatchet at 7pm
We will also, of course, have a tasty selection of craft beer on hand for your pleasure.

Music at 7pm
21+ only

Join us on First Friday, June 7th, for “Tinkering with Clay”. Tinker Coffee will be serving up some cold brew samples, while clay center artists display all things coffee. Try some nitro cold brew, while we supply the visuals- mugs, cups, pour overs, chemexs, etc. Tinker will be serving samples from 6-8:30pm

Opening Reception for the IU Herron School of Art + Design Senior Painting Thesis Exhibition featuring works by Lacy Doerr, Chelsea Kenny, Melissa McDermott, and Hannah Zipes.

About Lacy Doerr:
Lacy’s work compares the physical act and process of building a painting to the process one goes through to build a relationship with another person. This act could happen overnight or it could take much time as one goes through many trials to find what makes that painting or relationship right and at home in itself. Doerr’s work depicts humans in their most natural form—nude, because if a relationship is meant to happen it must happen naturally.

About Chelsea Kenny:
Chelsea Kenny’s practice seeks to break down barriers between low art and high art, question the connotations of those ideas in a social context, and view everything with compassion and awareness of trauma. Her current body of work digs into the discrepancies between LGBTQ identities and art forms, specifically Drag, and the average fine art consumer, and explores their relationship and intersections between other issues within society and the artists.

About Melissa McDermott:
Pulling from her exploration and learned knowledge of tree communication, Melissa McDermott creates paintings that navigate and strive to illustrate the importance of our natural social networks. She believes there is great power in working together and believes we all have a core understanding of the great destruction that can arise with the isolation of beliefs. McDermott’s work pushes the audience to want to connect—or, often times, reconnect—with people, nature, and ourselves. The figures intertwined in their surroundings spark the desire to find our networks and become more united in the chaos of the modern world.

About Hannah Zipes:
Humans have always been obsessed with atrophy; Ancient Hebrew poets inspired by the ruins of Babylon, artists romanticizing the fall of Rome, modern day preservation of the pyramids, and so on. Frequently we produce, consume, and discard architecture that will outlive the purpose we created it for. Yet, we choose to keep these structures in our landscape. As it’s memory begins to deteriorate, a sense of fragility creeps through becoming a reminder that stoic structures can still be transformed into new life. Through Hannah Zipes’ work, she transforms tragedy into understanding to stimulate growth in our ever changing landscape.

Join us for our March exhibition with work from Jedediah Johnson! Below is a statement by Jedediah on his works.

“Our New Body is a series in which I photograph nude and near-nude subjects, bathed in colored light, in order to composite them together in Photoshop to create new bodies. I do this to demonstrate the beauty and oneness of all human bodies, not just the ones inside the incredibly narrow societal beauty standards. This oneness is apparent when body parts across race, gender, and body type lines blend together seamlessly, demonstrating that those lines don’t really exist. Subjects choose their own level of nudity and anyone may pose. This work strives to make people believe that their own bodies are beautiful and to try to break people of the habit of shaming people for having bodies that have absolutely nothing wrong with them.”

✨Special Invite✨

@purposeprojxs presents “recyclēd” an out reach event for our community. We are gathering donations for a future project in August. Please see the list below for items. Any dollar amount is considered, for every little bit counts! There will be a presentation discussing the project development and how you can get involved! FREE FOOD with RAFFLE PRIZES for every donated item! Live music from @djdevinbutler 🎶

‼️Items Wanted‼️

Colors: ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 ⚪️(doesn’t have to be exact just looking for a range)

Art Supplies: Paints, Brushes, Sheets of Fabric, Adhesives

Hardware: Nails, Hammers, Wood (plywood), Fishing Line, PVC Pipes, Hooks, Staple Guns, Screw Drivers, Screws, Wire Hangers

Beauty: Makeup, Disposable Make Brushes, Cleaning Wipes, Bobby Pins, Combs, Brushes, Any Hair Styling Products

Clothing and Accessories: Gently used items to new!

MISC: You may donate any type of items that fall into the colors above as long as the item is completely one color NOT multiple colors. They can be as random as it can get! Wide range from a lamp, to an old dish, your grandmas old curtains. Just no perishable items!

Come celebrate with us for the future of our community! Hope to see you there. 🌻

Join us on First Friday for a night of wine, food and art. Husband and wife duo, Radie Steiner and Evan Lloyd Steiner, will display their work for you to enjoy. Both will be available for an artist meet and greet from 6 – 7 p.m.

Evan is an abstract painter using mediums such as acrylic, epoxy and mixed. Radie is a landscape and lifestyle photographer. Photos on metal, canvas or framed print. They strive to inspire others through their art. Their motto- There is Light Everywhere.

Dogfish Head & MOKB Present
LO-FI Free First Fridays feat. Live Band Karaoke + BRIDGECollective Retrospective
Live Music: Jay Jones & the Party Crashers + 2 hours of Live Band Karaoke
Art: BRIDGECollective Retrospective feat. Mike Graves, Jeff Jeffries, Dan Thompson, Justin Cooper, Rachel Rose and Aaron Reynolds

Friday, February 1st @ LO-FI Lounge
Doors 7PM / Show 8PM
All Shows 21+
Free Admission

Come out for:
– Live Music
– Visual Art Installation
– Free Tinker Coffee Co.
– Full Cash Bar featuring Dogfish Head craft brews, spirits and wine!

LO-FI Lounge is located on the 2nd floor of the The Murphy Arts Center (Formerly the Do317 Lounge) and is powered by Klipsch, Auralex Acoustics, Inc. and Tinker Coffee Co.

Want to perform or show your art at LO-FI First Fridays? Interested in renting the LO-FI for a private party? Reach out to us at [email protected] For more information about LO-FI First Fridays, contact [email protected]

Brought to you by: Dogfish Head, Tinker Coffee Co., Klipsch, Auralex Acoustics, Inc., Do317 and MOKB Presents

February 1-April 20

We shape our surroundings at the same time our surroundings shape us. Communities and their environments are inseparable. Yet as we go about occupying, utilizing, and altering our natural and built worlds, how much do we think about the connections we share with the others who inhabit the place we call home?

For his exhibition at Tube Factory artspace, David Schalliol addresses the interdependence of people and place through photographs and video interviews with residents of three geographically and culturally unique places.

First, he explores the very neighborhood in which this exhibition takes place, Bean Creek, a hamlet of homes and businesses on the Southeast Side of Indianapolis. The waterway for which the neighborhood is named has undergone a peculiar evolution as homes, churches, and businesses have grown around it. In some places, Bean Creek flows undisturbed, a trickling rill winding through thickets of gently bending trees. In other places, the creek has been covered by roads and other obstructions, only to remerge more than 100 yards away. The odd evolution of landscape and municipal planning has caused some houses to face the creek—today’s residents enter through the back door, as the front faces nature.

Next, Schalliol takes us to the South Side of Chicago, where since 2011 a tight-knit group of neighbors has watched their community disappear as the owners of a nearby freight yard buy up houses in order to expand their facilities. The few remaining homeowners have banded together to try to preserve whatever is left of this place and its unique culture. The economic powers that are being exerted, however, will likely prove too powerful to bear.

Finally, Schalliol visits former coal mining communities in the north of France. Following decades of economic contraction, the French government ceased all coal mining in the country in the early 2000s. Towns like the one in these photographs must completely re-imagine their future economic and cultural identities. Meanwhile, the visual and social fabric of the region is affected in every conceivable way by its historic attachment to coal. For example, the “spoil tip” hills interspersed throughout the town, created by waste rocks from the mines, now serve as artificial mountains being re-purposed for motorsports and ecological tourism.

Though located worlds apart from each other, the three communities share threads of kinship that hint at possible human universalities.

About David Schalliol
Schalliol describes himself not so much as an artist, but as a visual sociologist. He is an assistant professor of sociology at St. Olaf College and a principal of Scrappers Film Group. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times, and been exhibited extensively. Recent exhibitions include the 2017 Chicago Architectural Biennial, the Belfast Photo Festival, and the Museum of Contemporary Photography’s Midwest Photographers Project. He is the author of Isolated Building Studies. His directorial film debut, The Area, premiered at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in April 2018. He earned his BA from Kenyon College, and his MA and PhD in the Department of Sociology at The University of Chicago.

Made possible by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and The City of Indianapolis.
Photo: David Schalliol, Bean Creek (Aerial), 2018

Welcome to FREQUENCIES curated by Rae Parker Art & Design. This is all about good vibes as a art and fashion show. Featured artists are Mechi Shakur, Todd Gingerich, Allistor King, Mike Palmore Martin, Qaniah Douglas, Deonna Craig, poet Chantel Massey. Fashion by Rebecca Robinson of PSNOB and Lance C Parker of Illuminate Hue Media. Join us and let the vibes rise!

“Ritual Objects In Clay” is a show exploring ceramic forms that might be observed in a real or imagined religious rite or ceremony. While the teapot in a Japanese tea ceremony is one of the most obvious uses of ceramics, this show will explore multiple facets of clay in ritual. This may include idols, funerary urns, amulets & shields, mortar and pestle, to objects of meditation. The show is free and will be on display until Sunday the 27th of January.