Each month we begin our event with a local art gallery curated with local artists and a few new specialty craft beers from one of your favorite local breweries, us of course! Our June display will feature the works of local photographers, David J Slivka, Daniel Woody Photography and Kory Easterday. We will move the night along with this months musical guest, The Hammer and The Hatchet at 7pm
We will also, of course, have a tasty selection of craft beer on hand for your pleasure.

Music at 7pm
21+ only

This animal friendly art show features the work of Charyl Janney, Brandt Carter, Erica Schutt, CS Stanley, Looks By Larissa, Mr Bunny (UK), Samuel Penaloza, Matthew Sheek Artist, Patricia Stanley and more!

Brandt Carter (represented by Green Men Art Gallery) donates all proceeds of her art sales to Canine Connection LLC which trains rescue dogs to become service dogs.

CS Stanley will be donating 25 percent of his art proceeds to FIDO Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside, an all-volunteer group that focuses on helping dog owners to improve the quality of life for their outside dogs.

Music by Leycia Eclipse

With special guests from Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside, Bow Wow Meow Boutique, Camp Bow Wow Southport and more to be announced!

Join us on First Friday, June 7th, for “Tinkering with Clay”. Tinker Coffee will be serving up some cold brew samples, while clay center artists display all things coffee. Try some nitro cold brew, while we supply the visuals- mugs, cups, pour overs, chemexs, etc. Tinker will be serving samples from 6-8:30pm

For this class, you will have the choice of creating one of a kind hand crafted stepping stone for your garden/walk way or a custom hand made house number plaque.

All supplies will be provided. You will learn how to break and cut custom sizes of glass, ceramics, and other materials. Hot to lay them out, different grouts, and seal for outdoor use. These will last for many years and the knowledge gained can be used in and for many other applications.

Cost is $35 per person, you must register in advance.

$25 for each attendee for Mother’s Day weekend. Sunday 12:30pm-6pm. While supplies last. (Please pre register)
Stop in any time between our pour hours and treat your mom, girlfriend or special someone to a one day special event.
To reserve your spot, please pay here… https://acceleration.ecwid.com/Paint-Pour-Classes-p138087616

We are excited to be apart of the journey of so many artists in Indianapolis. This month’s show will be featuring the latest releases from some of our favorite artists.

Sylvia Thomas with the release of DIVINE (written by Sylvia Thomas, foreword and edited by Elle Roberts) is a series of poems reflected on my experiences with sex, religion, love, divinity, and my trans body. In order to heal my spirit, faith, and womanhood from the violence I have experienced, my own self-love became my religion

Gritty of Gritty & The Craftsman with his latest release

Join VOCAB, Iconoclast, and Indy Pride as we band together to hunt for Indianapolis’ very first Pride Poet Laureate. Kicking off as a portion of VOCAB’s renowned open mic event, this series will take the form of a literary death match tournament. Anyone interested in competing must perform at VOCAB’s open mic to be considered by a panel of judges and advance to the next round. Those selected to move on must appear again before judges at Iconoclast’s event Thursday, May 16th. When our final few are chosen, they’ll face each other one last time at a curated reading, no open mic, where each will feature for 15 minutes. This is when YOU, the audience will pick our winner! Follow along with each event and meet some of Indianapolis’ premier poetry community at two of the best open mics in the city. Or if you dare, COMPETE for your shot at the title, The 2019 Poet Laureate of Indy Pride.

To participate in the prelims for the poetry death match for Indy Pride you must email [email protected] Signup is limited to 12 people and you must email to participate

21+ event $10 cash door opens at 7pm/ show starts 8pm

Each month we begin our event with a local art gallery curated with local artists and a few new specialty craft beers from one of your favorite local breweries, us of course! Our April display will feature the works of our own Amy Ward as well as Chicago artist Sara Thobe. We will move the night along with this months musical guest, Tommy Norris at 7pm and we will, of course, have a tasty selection of craft beer on hand for your pleasure.

Music at 7pm
21+ only

Yvette Mayorga’s multi-media installation “High Maintenance” is a flamboyantly chilling revelation, offering unsettling insights into how the forces of violence, make-believe, and consumerism infiltrate the contemporary immigrant experience, and subvert our understanding of identity.

Drawing inspiration from the politics of America’s southern border with Mexico, her own life as a first generation Latinx-American, and her parents’ often dangerous experiences as immigrants in the 1970s, Mayorga’s work examines how pain and uncertainty are covered with a veneer of celebration.

“High Maintenance” conjures up an absurdist, Rococo Candy Land, where frivolity intersects with fear, as soldiers and ICE agents come face to face with quinceanera cakes, white swans, and Polly Pocket adventure sets.

Every aspect of Mayorga’s built world is adorned with spectacular, rapacious iconography. Monumental fashion accessories and gendered toys interrogate the true meaning of “status,” while decadent, Colonial aesthetics remind us how fragile national identity is, and how frequently it depends on appearances.

Is this a place of joy or fear? Does it welcome us in all our diversity, or demand our assimilation? Like the guileless inhabitants of Mayorga’s thickly impastoed paintings, the second we enter this uncanny, celebratory-looking tableau, we realize we are caught between a nightmare and a dream.

Yvette Mayorga lives and works in Chicago. She earned her MFA in Fiber and Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016. Recent solo exhibitions include the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, EXPO Chicago 2018, The Vincent Price Art Museum, The Chicago Cultural Center, and The National Museum of Mexican Art. Her work has been featured in Hyperallergic, The Guardian, Art News, and Teen Vogue, among others.

The exhibition runs May 3-July 20 in partnership with Nopal Cultural and University of Indianapolis.

Made possible by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Managed Health Services – MHS , Arts Council of Indianapolis, and Sun King Brewing Company.


Opening Reception for the IU Herron School of Art + Design Senior Painting Thesis Exhibition featuring works by Lacy Doerr, Chelsea Kenny, Melissa McDermott, and Hannah Zipes.

About Lacy Doerr:
Lacy’s work compares the physical act and process of building a painting to the process one goes through to build a relationship with another person. This act could happen overnight or it could take much time as one goes through many trials to find what makes that painting or relationship right and at home in itself. Doerr’s work depicts humans in their most natural form—nude, because if a relationship is meant to happen it must happen naturally.

About Chelsea Kenny:
Chelsea Kenny’s practice seeks to break down barriers between low art and high art, question the connotations of those ideas in a social context, and view everything with compassion and awareness of trauma. Her current body of work digs into the discrepancies between LGBTQ identities and art forms, specifically Drag, and the average fine art consumer, and explores their relationship and intersections between other issues within society and the artists.

About Melissa McDermott:
Pulling from her exploration and learned knowledge of tree communication, Melissa McDermott creates paintings that navigate and strive to illustrate the importance of our natural social networks. She believes there is great power in working together and believes we all have a core understanding of the great destruction that can arise with the isolation of beliefs. McDermott’s work pushes the audience to want to connect—or, often times, reconnect—with people, nature, and ourselves. The figures intertwined in their surroundings spark the desire to find our networks and become more united in the chaos of the modern world.

About Hannah Zipes:
Humans have always been obsessed with atrophy; Ancient Hebrew poets inspired by the ruins of Babylon, artists romanticizing the fall of Rome, modern day preservation of the pyramids, and so on. Frequently we produce, consume, and discard architecture that will outlive the purpose we created it for. Yet, we choose to keep these structures in our landscape. As it’s memory begins to deteriorate, a sense of fragility creeps through becoming a reminder that stoic structures can still be transformed into new life. Through Hannah Zipes’ work, she transforms tragedy into understanding to stimulate growth in our ever changing landscape.