Bow Wow Meow Boutique is excited to host this family friendly comedy of 3 cats negotiating territory across a fence. An exuberant Tabitha debates merits of fenced in yards with paranoid Lawrence, while observed by an educated homeless Persian named Pixel. Ignoring Lawrence’s advice Tabitha befriends the outsider who returns the favor by encouraging her dreams and sharing his “Practical Guide to the Feline Universe.”

Admission by donation; all proceeds benefit Humane Society of Indianapolis.

Kiddos are encouraged to bring a pillow or blanket to sit on so they can be up front close to all the action.  Seating will be limited due to the size of the venue, so please arrive by 6:45 to get a spot.

The CREATE Fountain Square team invites you to our First Friday experience at the Murphy Art Center!

*Partnering with Whitetree Creative, The Create FS First Friday will be an engaging night for the community to come out and share what they think about Fountain Square. On the third floor of the Murphy Arts Building, you can join us for our Create FS Experience to help further the progress of making Fountain Square an even better place to work and live.

*Selected photography from our “Fountain Square Through Your Eyes” call will be displayed on the 2nd floor of Murphy.

*Live Painting by Deonna Craig

*Talk with the CREATE FS team, provide us with feedback and be eligible for a $100 gift card to Upland Brewery.

Want to join the conversation with CREATE FS? Leave word at

*About Whitetree Creative: White Tree Creative is an experiential marketing firm and production house that specializes in event planning and management.

Create Fountain Square is excited to have artist Deonna Craig showcasing her talent with live painting on the 2nd Floor of The Murphy Arts Center as part of our First Friday Experience. Stop by and see Deonna create Fountain Square through her eyes on canvas.

We are so proud and excited to announce that this Februay The Murphy Arts Center is going to be hosting the group VOICES collaborating a variety of young artists together for one night. We could not be more thrilled to have this group participating.

Since 2010, VOICES has been working to change the narrative of some of our most vulnerable youth in Indianapolis. Our mission is to enhance the lives of youth through an expression of self, community involvement, and providing options that will empower them to change their lives.

When VOICES students enter our program, the cumulative effects of violence, trauma, cyclical poverty, and lack of high-quality educational opportunities all diminish students’ desire and ability to be the best versions of themselves. Our students report finding comfort in vices that consist of distance, addictions, abuse, depression, anger and distrust. It’s not just a gun, or a drug that’s a vice to today’s youth, but something rooted deep inside.

We aim to break these vices and help them find their voices. By, creating safe spaces for youth to share lived experiences and begin the healing process as a collective community; we have seen real impact in our three focus areas: Mental Health, Crime Prevention/Intervention and Education.

Our students have amazing stories of survival, strength and are brave enough to share their collective experiences in a way that gives them back power over their stories and empowers a community.

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we will have a special exhibit on the 3rd Floor of the Murphy Arts Center

Amorous Art
For the Mature Viewer
18 Years & Older Please

Participating artists:
Jeff Jeffries, Mike Graves,
Kelsey Crenshaw and Jedediah Johnson

An artist and a veteran, Greg Potter will be showing his amazing works of art at The Murphy Arts Center this coming #FirstFriday. After more than 20 years in the service and four tours to the Middle East, Greg decided to embrace his other passions: painting and doing 3D art. His work and talents certainly speak for themselves.

Check out his website for a glimpse some of his best works and all the different styles. Bringing canvases, tables, or wood to life with his brush and creative solutions to plane surfaces Greg also offers customized pet portraits that are absolutely amazing! (

Mark your calendars now and don’t forget to come see him on the 2nd floor of the Murphy the weekend after next!

The Artaholic. The Art of Greg Potter.

Hey y’all! One of our studio dwellers, @alexaadamson of @rumplewillowceramics, has a solo show tomorrow night at @fountainsquareclaycenter in the @indyclaycoop gallery for first Friday! If you like art and things that look like cake but are definitely not cake but are definitely still art, come out! The show is from 6-9pm at 950 Hosbrook St

“Crashing Through the Front Door” is a culmination of photography, essays, and oral histories examining queer life in Indianapolis, Indiana through the lens of once-a-month dance party.

Photographer Casey No and writer Taylor Rose met over a decade before the ideation of this project in southern Indiana. Though the town was small, and seeped in rural midwestern tradition, the two found a group of LGBTQ friends who were a safe haven. In fact, Casey was the first person Taylor came out to at the age of 16. Both have developed their individual crafts over the years, talking about doing a collaboration for several of them. When Low Pone, an Indy-based queer dance party, came to life the subject matter was clear — the two would chronicle the lives of their queer community as it intersected over one night every month.

Casey and Taylor are capturing a rare and novel movement in queer Indianapolis. One where much of the LGBTQ community is hungry for inclusion of all races, genders, non-genders, and expressions. On a sociological level, they are examining the need for public celebration of holistic queer existence by showing the vibrancy that comes from a space where the queer community can unapologetically show their identities. Low Pone is doing something that’s outside the norm in this city: It’s creating a space for those who have felt displaced. Crashing Through the Front Door is documenting what they view as a historical queer moment of creation and community.

Over the last eight months, dozens of people were interviewed about the impact that a small pop-up queer, trans, and people-of-color inclusive space had on their lives. By no means is a dance party the solution or even a delineation of the queer community in Indy, but it does bookmark a moment in time and offers a periscope view into queer life.

The culmination is a story about how that one night becomes a sanctuary, paying homage to the idea of home, to a chosen family, to rising above the fragments that society bends us to fit neatly into their stackable boxes. The photographs and personal narratives illuminate the process of finding triumph in the face of tragedy and refusing to be defined by it, how a chosen family finds one another, grapples with gender, sexuality, and identity in the midst of a cultural movement.

Casey and Taylor consider themselves documentarians and creative culture makers. Casey is a local musician in the band Spandrels and an award-winning photographer living in Indianapolis. He is interested in closing the negative space between artist, audience, and community. Taylor is a non-binary journalist in Indianapolis who has worked as the Arts Editor for NUVO and as the Communications Director for the ACLU of Indiana. Their work has won numerous Society of Professional Journalism awards for social justice and community based content. This relationship between an artist and journalist is collaborative. Both artists have experienced discrimination based on class, gender, and sexuality. They both found power in their perspective mediums by boldy claiming their own identities. This project is not only personal, it is how these artists hope to encourage similar endeavors in the arts community of Indianapolis.

Exhibition runs February 1-16:
Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
Saturdays 11am-3pm

Photo: Casey No, “Mary Fagdalane covered in blood while performing, November 2018.”

Made possible by LOW PONE, Upland Brewing Company, Printtext, Roberts Camera, Big Car Collaborative, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and Indiegogo sponsors.

Murphy Favorite and long time friend of everything Discover Fountain Square Jeff Jeffries have his work on display this Friday. 6-11pm on the 2nd floor of The Murphy.

Come by purchase of his pieces of work in postcards, magnets, prints of a canvas. There’s a big bad world up there!

First Friday is only a few days away!! Don’t forget to head to Discover Fountain Square and everything wonderful they have planned for the evening.

There will be variety of new artists on display on the 2nd floor of The Murphy Arts Center. Included in this show will be Indy based Artist Jessi Beck. Jessi’s work will be shown from 6-11pm this FRIDAY! *Additional Links and email contact for her work below: @jessbeck9074 I I [email protected]

Can’t wait to see you all there!